Jackie (grilldcheese47) wrote,

so rissie gave me F

i dont want to talk about the heart-destroying situation taking place in my living room....here's my top 10 "F" songs:

1. "Forgive Me Love" by Alanis Morisette - pretty much my life 
2. "Falling is Like This" by Ani DiFranco - what can i say, i went to an all-girls school
3. "Falling Out of Love" by Aqualung - i wish i was doing that
4. "Fuel": by Ani diFranco - an awesome song
5. "Falling for the First Time" by Barenaked Ladies - good songs
6. "Fair" by Ben Folds - great song
7. "Falling in Love With Love" sung by Bernadette Peters -INCREDIBLE. and true
8. "For the Longest Time" by Billy joel... makes me think of alana, still awesome
9. "Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk - i want this to be true of my life
10. "Follow Through" by Gavin DeGraw - this is all i want in live. LOVE IT.

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