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it hurts a lot more than i planned on...

ummmmm suddenly not in the best of moods.. shame too, cuz ive been constantly cheery without the glimmer or a frown or bad mood for darn close to two weeks now...
stole this brom becca - hopefully it will help.


Reminds you of an ex-lover: Love Soon by john mayer

Reminds you of your best friend: Les Poissons from the little mermaid :)

Makes you cry: Brick by Ben Folds, For Good from Wicked

Makes you laugh: the soundtrack to avenue Q... hilarious

Reminds you of the one you once wanted: "And I Wonder" but i cant remember who sings it

You wish you wrote: Tracing - John Mayer b/c its currently the story of my life

You wish you recorded: i know the truth from Aida, because its about my life right now.. with some changes.

You never want to hear again: howie day's "collide" (good call becca, its driving me crazy)

You want to get married to: oh i dont know.. but im gonna shake my but to Al Green's "Lets Stay Together"

You used to hate but now love: rap in general.

You like to wake up to: country music, because it generally jars me out of whatever peaceful mode im in.

You like out of your parent’s record collection: all motown, old school whitney houston

You love that you wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for a friend: motion city soundtrack... great band

Makes you think of someone who died: wesley why, because my grandfathers name was wesley

You sing in the shower: anything that is completely out of my range because i believe it sounds good bouncing off the tile.

You sing when you’re alone: again, anything out of my range.

You love the video more than the tune: that melissa ethridge song with juliette lewis in the video...awesome

Reminds you of your first crush: hahaha bad church chorus songs... looong story

You love which is from a movie: Wait in Vain by Annie Lennox from Serendipity

Makes you think of the moon: Wade thru the night - Matt Wertz (love him)

Makes you think of stars: sweetness in starlight - matt wertz

Makes you think of the sun: umm i dont know!.

Makes you think of the night: wade thru the night, that junior senior song from my favorite night in college

Makes you want to kiss someone: anything romantic.. i cant name songs... ok, probably 'kissing you' by desree

Makes you think of sex: or 'colorblind' by the counting crows, sountrack to moulin rouge

Makes you think of being alone: without you from rent, songs about rain by gary allen
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