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playin tag from my bed

i woke up this morning feeling worse than i ever have in my entire life. i literally felt as if an alien was going to explode from my stomach. i thought i would pass out from pain. i thought i was dying. and there was aboslutely no compassion in my house. none. no one cared. i only got flack because i was holding them up. eggcellent. thanks mom. love it.
im in a fog. hypothetically i know i'll come out of it, but its terribly hard to convince myself of it. ive spent the day in my pajamas feeling like butt. generally a day in bed would be welcome, but my bed is lonely with just me in it...and i wouldn't want someone to see me look this pathetic. i just keep telling myself it will be ok.
oh, and i just got $100 ticket in the mail. i hate DC. thats what i get for going to see the showcase.

and now for something completely different...
post five favorite songs of the moment and tag five people to list their five favorite songs in their livejournals....

1. damien rice - delicate
2.stephen lynch - she gotta smile
3. colin james hay - i dont think i'll ever get over you
4. weezer - beverly hills
5. phish - Cheers theme song

and now tag youre it:

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