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bursting at the seams

i had such an urge/need/burning desire to get some stuff out of my head today while i was at work that i wrote on a napkin. (so pathetic, i could cry from laughing at myself...) but it felt good to actually write it out.

now i want to write in my real journal, but its locked in a trunk in my closet and im too lazy to get it out. well not really lazy, but its just that it will take so much work to dig out the trunk from under my crap and then i'll have to remember the combination to the lock and then dig through all my stuff in the trunk...ok, thats just plain old lazy.

but one of these days i will, because angrily scribbling on that napkin today made me feel such...release.

but just because i want to write in my real paper and pen journal does not mean any of you ( and you know who you are) are excused from writing in your LJs. so dont try even try it.

im going to bed hungry. bleh. not cool.
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